About us

Ujecialotnicze.pl is the first Polish site offering aerial shots for any type of film productions. The website offers more than 700 different aerial shots in HD quality from Poland and the world. All footage were made by a team "ARTCAM" using unmanned aerial vehicle with a camera (Flying Camera, Drone, Octocopter, Helicam, Flyingcam).

In Poland we are the precursors of filming with a unmanned aerial vehicle. As the only company we exposure 35mm film using a remote-controlled helicopter (example of the 35mm). Our unmanned aircraft systems are equipped with wireless vision and gyro stabilization. The devices are operated by a team of Artur Gajdziński - pilot and Jacek Drofiak - the operator of a remote-controlled camera.


From 2013, the collection was expanded to include shots at a resolution of 4k with Red Scarlet camera (on the shots 4k, please contact: jacek@drofiak.pl).